Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Correspondents,

Following recent French governmental measures, we inform you of the reorganisation of our teams who will be working from home to ensure business continuity.

Daily situation updates will take place between the teams and P. & Partners managers to assess your requirements and deal with them as promptly as possible.

Quality and reactivity remain our priority.

The software and tools at our disposition, along with our work methodology, will allow working from home without prejudice to our above-mentioned objectives.


– telephone conference calls will replace physical meetings from today onwards.

– document exchanges (accounting vouchers, bank statements, etc.) will now be conducted by e-mail.

Our control procedures have, as of now, been reinforced to prevent any situation or attempt at fraud. Nevertheless, please make sure to always be in direct contact with your usual associate for all sensitive subjects however long the situation lasts.

We value you trust and remain at your disposition


The P. & Partners Team