CFO services

Support your company’s Finance department with an outsourced Finance Director


Our services

Co-investment and acquisition holding company:

  • Accounting of holding companies including the preparation of tax and social security declarations
  • Interim and annual financial statements in accordance with the schedule of the parent company and consolidated financial statements of other Group companies
  • Relationship with the statutory auditors (certification) and financing banks (covenants, etc.)


Administrative follow-up of holding companies:

  • Supplier invoices and preparation of payments
  • Business cards, expense reports, etc. for executives
  • Group agreements (animation, technical services, etc.) and monitoring of receipts
  • Re-invoicing and monitoring of receipts


Tax monitoring of holding companies, in line with the tax strategy defined by business lawyers:

  • Tax returns of holding companies and operating company(s) belonging to the group
  • Group tax consolidation agreements
  • Tax return including the group’s consolidation return


Social monitoring and HR strategy of holding companies:

  • Payslips and social contributions
  • HR management of the holding company (social security bodies, annual salary declaration, etc.)
  • Analysis and implementation of employee savings schemes (profit-sharing agreements, PEE, PERCO, etc.)
  • Analysis and implementation of executive compensation strategy (personal holding company, etc.) and management of the company’s corporate and tax assets (TNS, etc.)

Engagements dedicated to co-investment / acquisition holding companies:

  • Monitoring of senior debt and interest rate hedging operations (SWAP, CAP, etc.)
  • Monitoring of banking covenants in relation to the financial structure of the acquisition holding company (debt monitoring, etc.)
  • Management of relationships with the Banking Pool (financing banks)


Engagements dedicated to operating companies:

  • Carrying out specific post-acquisition audits (overheads, BFR, etc.)
  • Analysis and implementation of administrative and accounting procedures
  • Acquisition of business assets, spin-off, acquisition / disposal of business lines, acquisition / disposal of business assets, etc.

We assist operational companies in the production of “tailor-made” reporting:

  • Monitoring the performance of group companies (turnover, margins, EBITDA, EBIT, etc.) and reporting to investors/financial partners (corporate banking, etc.)
  • Cash flow forecasts, budgeting, financial risk analysis and key performance indicators (WCR, CAPEX, inventories)
  • Analysis and assistance in setting up administrative and accounting procedures