Fund Admin

Outsource all the functions of your Back & Middle Office


Our services

Public accounting engagement of GPs and Funds :

  • Supporting accounts of GPs and Funds using our SAGE software package
  • Preparing annual accounts of GPs and Funds including tax returns
  • Calculation of net asset values of Funds and production of regulatory statements (composition of net assets, portfolio inventory, etc.)
  • Follow-up of with External Auditor(s) of GPs and Funds


 Administration of GPs and Funds:

  • Follow-up of reports to the AMF (GECO database)
  • Follow-up of declarations to the Banque de France (statistics)
  • Monitoring the legal life of the GPs (management report, minutes, legal formalities, etc.)
  • Monitoring of budgets, cash flow forecasts, etc. in connection with the control of GPs own funds
  • Follow-up of supplier invoices and related payments (GPS and Funds)
  • Follow-up of customer invoices and related receipts (GPS and Funds)
  • Follow-up of re-invoicing of expenses (GPS vs. Fund) and related processing (accounting, taxation, etc.)


Tax monitoring of GPs and Funds:

  • Follow-up of all Funds’ tax returns (IFU, carried interest, capital gains calculations, etc.) and GPS (VAT, payroll tax, etc.)
  • Monitoring of legal and tax quotas in accordance with the Monetary and Financial Code and the General Tax Code
  • Implementation and monitoring of tax options (VAT sectorisation, TNS personal holding company, tax consolidation, etc.)
  • Response to requests from Tax authorities


HR / social monitoring of GPs:

  • Preparation of payslips
  • Follow-up of expense reports and preparation of payments
  • Follow-up of declarations to social security bodies (DSN, URSSAF slips, mutual insurance companies, pension or provident funds, annual salary declarations, etc.)
  • Implementation and monitoring of profit-sharing agreements, PEE, PERCO, etc.
  • Setting up of personal holding companies and management of the corporate assets of executives (TNS, etc.)
  • Support for MIDDLE-OFFICE Fund investments :
    • Assistance in the process of monitoring portfolio lines: AIEC, custodian relationship, deals database, etc.
    • Current legal acts: creation of acquisition holding companies, distribution of dividends, capital increase or reduction, etc.
    • Reorganization engagements in collaboration with our partner lawyers: memoranda of understanding, acquisition of business assets, mergers, transfers, contributions of securities, etc.
    • Setting up of personal holding companies and management of the corporate assets of executives (TNS, etc.)

Support provided for MIDDLE-OFFICE services of GPs:

  • Production of fundraising notices, distributions, capital accounts, etc.
  • Production of quarterly financial reports for LPs
  • Investor CRM: support for GPs in their investor relations (assistance to Q&A, specific reporting requests, etc.)
  • Implementation of best practice: ILPA reporting standards, flow traceability, performance calculations (gross and net IRR, multiple IPRs, IPTV, etc.) in accordance with best practices (ILPA, IPEV).

Support provided to the Managing Partners (or General Secretaries) of the GPs:

  • Regulatory monitoring (AIFM, IPEV, ILPA guidlines, etc.) in conjunction with professional associations (AFIC, UN PRI) and market regulators (AMF, CSSF, etc.)
  • Action plans for RCCI and engagements to overhaul internal control programmes
  • Assistance to GPs in their accreditation process with the AMF (set-up of GPs or updating of work programmes)
  • Support for GPs executives in their career development (group exit, team spin-off, team rapprochement, etc.)