Manage and enhance the value of your investments

  • Your challenges

    You are an investor exposed to the asset class of private equity funds.

    The control of your investments is more and more complex and you are looking to have your unlisted investments valued.

    Our services are intended to provide you with the advice of an independent expert who is familiar with best practice in this area.

  • Our assets

    Choose P. & Partners to:
    – Have a professional on your side knowledgeable of market practices,
    – Anticipate the emergence of risk whose effects are a source of underperformance in the medium term,
    – Benchmark the performance of your invested capital (net IRR) with your initial investment criteria and sector indices (gross IRR, investment multiples).

    Our objective: to certify the valuation and performance calculations of your unlisted investments, and ensure compliance of valuation processes and methods used by selected GPs.

    Our focus: ensuring fair valuation of your unlisted investments (multi-criteria approach) and performing attribution analysis on value created by selected GPs (evolution of the multiple, debt reduction, margin).

  • Our expertise

    P. & Partners contributes to LPs and unlisted investment holding companies with:
    – A diagnostic on valuations carried out by GPs and their investment teams,
    – A methodology to assess their models, sources and intrinsic data (CA, Ebit, net debt),
    – A signature to certify valuations in the portfolio and their associated performance (gross IRR, investment multiples).

    These services are aimed in particular at LPs wishing to develop their Risk Management function and be supported in their performance analysis process.

    Our due diligence includes analysis of the environment of each unlisted asset (activity, competition, comparable transactions), the analysis of the risks (financial and legal) inherent to the company as well as the study of alternative valuation models (DCF, peer group).

    While the risk-based approach cannot be the only technique for valuing a portfolio of unlisted companies, it helps you to progress.

    The added value of our services lies in our ability to identify the sensitivity of a valuation model and the impact of each variable (intrinsic data, WACC, discount).