Rely on an expert and you'll make the right decisions

  • Your challenges

    In the case of Small & Middle-Market companies, the Finance function has to overcome many issues with substantial ramifications. The options and decisions taken in this matter must therefore be taken with the advice of an expert.

  • Our assets

    Whether it is a question of innovative projects (venture capital), carrying out a growth strategy, carrying out a business transfer (LBO, OBO, MBO, MBI, etc.) or successfully refinancing an operation (turnaround capital), our support enables you:

    • Review the impact of the inclusion of an investor into the capital of your company,
    • Organize a fundraising process with a private equity player,
    • Structure your project to obtain resources from a financing bank.

    Our objective : to bring our skills, our intimate knowledge of the Private Equity ecosystem and our network to manage your projects and transform them into success.

    Our axis : with the help of Capital-Avocats, P. & Partners advises you in the context of a personalized relationship throughout the duration of your capital operation (projects with an average duration of 12 months).

  • Our expertise

    P. & Partners offers Small & Mid-Market company managers support and assistance services implemented for more than 15 years in well-known companies.

    The success of the operations we have carried out attests to the quality:

      • P. & Partners’ gives opinions and recommendations prior to any search for financing, whether it is with a capital investor (fundraising) or a financial partner (bank debt),

    <The quality of the preparatory work carried out by the P. & Partners teams (triptych strategy – market approach – documentation required to establish contact with investors and financial banks),

    • Organization and monitoring of the process with parties involved in the transaction (due diligence planning, management presentation, technical arbitration).


    The added value of our services lies in our capacities:

    • To get involved with you,
    • Fulfill our initial commitments.
    • To mobilize our network of experts and advisors directly or indirectly at your side.